Personal Payday Credit

Personal payday credit is a typical personal credit. It can be used without having to justify its purpose. The main characteristics of this loan are:

  • APR – Between 14.7% and 15.9%, being possible to have a fixed or variable rate
  • Funding up to € 75,000
  • Term up to 96 months

Note that the APR includes some costs that are common only in the case of traditional banking. Note that these costs only happen in case of financing (some banks charge the dossier cost to make the evaluation, which is not refunded in case of non-financing):

  • Dossier Commission;
  • Service Processing Commission;
  • Life Insurance and Credit Protection Insurance;


100% financed insurance value

100% financed insurance value

Another important point is that the value of the insurance is 100% financed, together with the credit, and the customer pays insurance premiums together with the credit. This point is not positive as it increases the value of the financing and the amount of interest borne by the contract.

Comparing Personal payday credit to personal credit, for example, we see that the value of the APR (the value that matters when we analyze all the costs associated with a loan) is quite similar, and in some cases Personal payday credit Z Credit has lower interest rates. The only difference to note is the maximum amount that in the case of PPB’s credit may reach € 75,000.


What is the Best Personal Payday Loan on the Market?

What is the Best Personal Loan on the Market?

There is a specific credit typology for each specific case. As each case is a case, we should make an in-depth analysis to see which benefit is most appropriate for you. This calculation will be made taking into account the amount sought, the interest rate, the term … and all these variables should be taken into account in your family budget. In this way, we always suggest that you simulate your credit supply in order to see if your family budget involves the benefit. Do you want to try it?

Credit: How to Convince the Bank to Approve My Credit

If you have recently looked for a credit you will probably have found that it is not a quick or immediate process. Although banks are more generous in the supply of credit, it is a potentially time-consuming process. In this article we will introduce you 5 tips to increase the likelihood of your bank approving your credit.


Have Few Lines of Credit

financial loan

Banks do not like customers with credit at many financial institutions. Having multiple lines of credit means the customer:

  • You can not maintain a business relationship with a bank;
  • Has appetite for consumption;
  • You have difficulty managing your money.

Tip : Consider whether to make a consolidated loan.


Always Keep Your Commitments

If you have your name on the Banco de Portugal’s blacklist you will not be able to access the credit. Banks greatly value both the guarantees we give and the trust associated with our name. Never forget that our name is our biggest asset.

Tip : If you have the name in the BCA Bank see if it is possible to negotiate credits to clear the name.


Attention to Movements in Bank Statements

financial loan

A credit risk assessment process may include an analysis of your bank statements (especially valid for traditional banking and for higher amounts). So make sure that your main account (where you get your salary and where you pay your house) does not have suspicious moves, interest on arrears or withdrawals in casino and gambling houses.

Tip : If you are thinking about asking for a credit, open a second bank account for the more atypical moves. Pay special attention to the last three months.


Seek Greater Commercial Involvement

Banks value customers with commercial history and with various contracted products. In this way, it is very advantageous to maintain good business relations with your counter and account manager. If possible and if advantageous, see the logic of having insurance and direct debits with your bank. Yes, it is giving the bank more information about its consumption profile, but this information increases the customer’s predictability. At least the bank reduces the likelihood of surprises.

Tip : Try to get to know your account manager and interact with him regularly


Have More Than One Proponent in Credit

Seek Greater Commercial Involvement

One last idea is the attractiveness of joining more than one person to your credit agreement. This makes it easier for married couples. For the remainder, you may include a guarantor (although much caution is required when asking someone to be your guarantor).

Tip : Do not ask your friends to be your guarantor because you are putting them at risk (and your friendship).

These are some of our tips for getting the probability of your bank approving your credit application and also important to approve the cheapest personal credit possible. Do not hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions. We are here to clarify any doubts.

Payday Loans: How To Open A Business With It

Borrowing a consigned credit can be a good option to help you start a business. Many people dream of owning their own business, but they can not afford it because they lack the money to start the venture.

How to Use Payroll Credit to Start a Business

Borrowing paycheck credit can be an excellent option, but the entrepreneur should know exactly in which sector of the company intends to use the money. Credit money can be used for any of the following activities:

1. Working capital:

Working capital are the company’s financial resources that are in stock, the current assets that can be used to pay costs. It is the amount that is in the bank accounts, in the payments to be made. Borrowing a payroll loan to serve as working capital can be a good choice.


2. Purchase of raw material or stock:

1. Working capital:

For a company to be successful, it is important to have control of the materials available for production, so they do not lack. The entrepreneur may have a reservation to pay these costs.


3. Space Lease

The costs of space to have a business are several, rent or price of space, water bill, light, internet, telephone. Using paycheck credit money to pay these costs can help the company.


4. Payment of personnel

4. Payment of personnel:

It is necessary to pay the salary of the employees, which can often be difficult for the entrepreneur. However, getting into debt to pay wages is not the best of options, rather, one should check the possibility of decreasing the number of staff.


5. Marketing

A good marketing campaign is essential to the success of a business. Using money from paycheck credit to invest in a good marketing campaign can bring great results to the company, winning new customers and gaining notoriety in the market.

How To Save On Credit Housing?

In recent months competition in the financial sector has been fierce. Banks have reopened the credit tap, starting with housing credit. The interest rates practiced by banks fell to values ​​well below 2%. A reduction thus opens the space to save money with your credits. Faced with this scenario, it becomes necessary to overcome some inertia and seek to exploit the potential savings that the new context brings with it.


Make a Round by Financial Institutions

Make a Round by Financial Institutions

The suggestion I leave you is to make a round of financial institutions and present your case. Search. Compare alternatives. Do the math to save money on interest and the life insurance associated with credit. You will probably have a pleasant surprise when you realize that savings can reach several thousand euros every year.

It tells us the experience of training and financial intervention that inertia ultimately derails the efforts of households savings. Sometimes we think it’s a lot of work, or we’ll soon be defeated and with little hope of success. However, it is even possible to cut expenses and save money . Give some work. It requires some sacrifice. It requires above all to change some of the habits that we have deeply rooted and that we always think that will affect our quality of life. But if we focus on the results, everything will be easier to overcome.


And Why Not Amortize Credits?

financial loan

And if you have any money available to apply, why not consider repaying some credits? It is the best investment you can make in terms of risk, return and taxation. And it gives us such great freedom to end this honorable compromise …


Have questions?

financial loan

If you have questions or would like to know the best alternative for your specific case, we suggest leaving a comment in the box below or filling out a contact form. We will be happy to help you save money.

Savings with used goods?

In recent years, smaller Danish companies have received criticism for their work as a subcontractor. Technically, there is nothing negative about the role of subcontractor, but companies should rather step out of the submissive mindset and instead focus on the value they bring to their partners.

Savings with used goods

Savings with used goods

One of these companies comes from Small Lender and lives among other things by offering used trucks for sale. The company supplies other operators with used forklifts with which their customers – who are small and medium-sized businesses – do not have the same entry barriers when buying equipment for daily operations. The used goods give companies enormous savings while solving their needs right now.

The trend is not new, as it has been established for years in, among other things, agriculture. Think of the many Danish machine stations that for generations have made it possible for farmers to find the right machine without having to pay a million dollars.

The same concept applies when particularly small and medium-sized businesses have to invest in new equipment. Where some items such as computer equipment has a quick expiration date, has a more simple product – such as Trucks, agricultural machinery and the like – a much longer shelf life.

Leasing also wins

Leasing also wins

It is not just the used exchange that is about to establish itself as a saving place to buy goods. Every day, the used exchange will entail some form of risk if shorter warranty periods are issued on the B2B sale. For the same reason, leasing is also taking big market parts – not just on production equipment, but also on modern electronics and more advanced solutions.

Leasing agreements are known for their high availability for even smaller businessmen who, for a fixed monthly amount, can lease the right machine. Again, this is a solution without a large entry barrier in the form of high start-up costs, as the lease is subscSmall Lenderd to a fixed contract, so the company knows all the expenses and easily recognizes them in their operating budgets.

Both methods can prove to be ideal solutions for those businesses that have an immediate need, but less capital. The overall value offered to businesses is hugely attractive, so the role of subcontractor should be overridden and replaced with a clearer focus on the value of business across the country.

TAN Calculation: The Interest Rate On The Mortgage Or Loan

The calculation of the TAN consists of applying the interest rate to any financing, from personal loans to mortgages. One of the traits that almost all loans have in common (with the exception of non-interest bearing loans) is the request for payment of an interest rate, expressed as a percentage of the capital disbursed by the bank. Yet many loan offers advertise zero interest, prompting the consumer to believe, by making a quick mortgage or loan simulation, not to pay interest. It is not always true.


Types of intrest rates

loan interest

In fact, it is very important to distinguish between two types of interest rates: the TAN, the nominal annual rate , and the APR, the annual percentage rate . The TAN expresses on an annual basis the “real” interest rate applied to the loaned capital. It can be fixed, and never change during the loan repayment period, or variable, changing depending on the trend of an international reference rate established at the time of signing the contract. The calculation of the TAN can therefore be done by applying the percentage of the rate (for example: 2%) to the amount lent (for example: 1000 euros: result equal to 20 euros).

The actual costs incurred for the loan could however be higher: these additional expenses are instead counted by the APR. The calculation of the APR takes into consideration other types of costs with respect to interest only: from the costs of opening the loan (for example, the costs of preliminary investigation) to the periodic expenses linked to the payment of the installments. Only notary fees are excluded. As a result, the APR is generally higher than the TAN.

When we talk about zero interest

When we talk about zero interest

Therefore, we must not only think about how the TAN is calculated, but also consider the APR: the TAN could also be really zero, without the customer having to pay certain interest, but at the same time it is likely that the APR is higher than zero. This means, however, that there will be expenses to be incurred.

In any case, to easily carry out the calculation of the TAN it is sufficient to turn to one of the many web portals dedicated to this operation, reachable through a simple search on a search engine. You will be asked for some information, such as the loan and installment amount, the duration of the loan and other information on ancillary costs (if you are also interested in the APR).

Loan for Negative Clients – Yes, Possible!

Being listed on the black list of banks, one of the worst things that can happen to you in the area of ​​finance is the negative debt list of the Central Loan Information System. Luckily, there is nothing to lose, there is a chance to beautify the situation, and you may even have the opportunity to take out a personal loan. We’ve gathered your options if you were on the dreaded list, but you would need a loan.

What is Negative Credit?

What is Negative Credit?

It is commonly referred to as the BAR list in the public language, you may have heard of it, but its current exact name is Negative Credit, the Central loan Information System, in which all clients are currently in active or passive debt. and update it, as they can determine how risky it is to give a loan to a particular customer. Every bank sees the same database, so if you can’t repay your existing loan at “A” bank and have any backlogs, then it is in vain you need another loan from bank B, he will refuse the request by referring to your debt at bank A.

On the one hand, this system protects loan institutions, as they can prevent mortgage loans or personal loans to customers who are unlikely to be able to pay the installments. On the other hand, it also protects customers from getting into a deeper debt spiral.

The Negative Credit is not just about collecting default debtors. Properly repaying customers may have a positive view of their positive data, and it is in their interest, as a positive loan history may be more favorable and quicker when applying for a later loan. Those on the negative list do not have this choice, their loan repayment conditions will be included in the database.

Where can I see if I’m on the list?


According to the law, anyone is entitled to ask for official information about their own situation. The request can be made through BISZ Zrt. And through the so-called reference data provider (eg from the bank where you have your loan). The Own loan Report can be requested by post and in person. Both trips are free, nothing goes wrong for you.

You can find out more about the application process on the page of BISZ Central loan Information Ltd. , here the retail Central loan Information System is available.

Why did I get into the negative CCR list of Negative Credit?

A customer will be added to the list if he / she does not pay the installment for at least 90 days and the debt exceeds the amount of the minimum wage. The 90-day counting starts when the default exceeds the minimum wage. The two unconditions must be met at the same time, so if you were already late, but the debt was less, the counter did not start. Counting the 90-day period will restart if the omission returns to the minimum wage. It is worthwhile to seek accurate repayment and be sure to keep the amount of the default under the minimum wage. If you can’t pay the monthly installment in one amount, you also have the option to cancel in smaller installments.

What happens if you are on the negative list?

For most banks, if you are on the negative debtor list, you have a negative reason for applying for a loan, so if you can, try to avoid this situation. If, however, you are in a situation where there is no other solution, only applying for a loan is, under certain conditions, a financial institution where it is possible.

The Central loan Information System not only protects the banks, but also the customers, as loan that can be taken without adequate collateral can easily lead to a decade of fears of foreign currency lending. It is therefore worthwhile to think more about your options and choose a solution that fits into your monthly budget and makes it easier, not more difficult for your financial situation.

Here’s the Personal Loan Calculator to help you compare the best deals on banks and choose the one that suits you best. Loans can be sorted by bank, monthly installment, APR and total refundable amount.

How do I get out of the Negative Credit’s negative debtor list?

How do I get out of the Negative Credit

If you want to get out of the blacklist, you have the following options.

If you can repay your full debt, you must prepare for the following conditions:

  • you must meet your outstanding debt (default)
  • you will then be in passive status on the debtor list
  • you will have to wait a year from the default, only then will your data about the default be deleted from the system.

If your loan agreement has changed due to your default, and you were able to repay the debt, the data will be stored for another five years. In the event that no repayment takes place in any form, data will be displayed in the system for 10 years from the start of the default.

In any subsequent loan application, the bank also takes into account that your default is active or passive, so it is important that you understand these concepts. Active omission occurs when the debt still exists, so live. Passive debt is what is already closed, or what is ordered, and for which the limitation period has already begun.

What are your options for borrowing as a negative Negative Credit?

In the event of financial difficulties, the most flexible and fastest way to get help is through a personal loan if you can only save your borrowings because:

  • there is no overpowering cover
  • no need for self-power
  • in most cases it is free to use, so you move to what you want
  • typically with fixed interest
  • can be claimed from 100 thousand forints
  • your regular monthly net income is sufficient to claim.

For most banks, one of the criteria for picking up a personal loan is that the claimant should not be on the Negative Credit’s negative debtor list, so you can see that there is no easy situation for someone who has been added to the list and wants to borrow. The solution in this case may be to involve a taxpayer in the loan agreement. It is important that the taxpayer has regular primary income and not be included in the Negative Credit’s negative debt list. In the case of a joint contract, the taxpayer also assumes responsibility, as he is also responsible for the continuous and proper repayment of the loan. The taxpayer must have practically the same conditions as you. The bank will calculate the amount, the maturity and the installment based on your income.

Which bank can you borrow if you are on the negative debtor list?

If you do not have the opportunity to involve a taxpayer and claim a personal loan for a negative Negative Credit escort, you are not lost, you still have a chance. Under certain conditions, there is a loan institution that is ready to lend to you even if you have an active or passive default on the Negative Credit’s negative debtor list. The calculations of our loan calculator that provides Negative Credit customers with the opportunity to show that Active Negative Credit at Provident is not necessarily a valid reason. We have collected what you need to know if you want to apply for a personal loan as a Negative Credit:

  • you can’t raise more than one million forints,
  • you will need an employer certificate
  • you have to prove that you have primary income,
  • you must be a legal age to claim a loan
  • you must have a registered Hungarian address
  • you must have your own or a shared retail bank account (this is not required if you use the “Home Service”),
  • the Provident loans have a typical weekly repayment;
  • compared to other personal loans because of Negative Credit, you can expect a very expensive offer if you decide to apply for a loan.

Your primary income is your pay, which your employer pays you. In addition, the bank also considers the pension as primary income and, if you are an entrepreneur, the wage paid to yourself. In addition, there are so-called secondary incomes that banks are not able to count on their own, but they are accounted for by the primary income. These include GYES, GYED, family benefits, various social benefits, scholarships, dividends and shares, etc.

Don’t let them put on the blacklist!

You can see that it is very easy to get into the negative list of debtors, if only the minimum wage exceeds your backlog and this is the case for 90 days. If you go, it is very difficult to get a loan, but it is not impossible to calculate.

Do you have a negative debtor list and are you thinking of a personal loan? Use the Personal Loan Calculator and choose the best deal for you! It is important that you choose this solution only if you think that it will not be a problem to pay for the newly recruited loan, otherwise you may be in a debt spiral, which will be a more serious problem for you than you have to deal with now.

Why Is The Process Of Credit Assessment PSX So Fast?

We have written about PSX’s online personal credit product and its potential. In this article we want to tell you the reasons why this process is so fast.


Recapping …

PSX Credit is a personal credit that stands as very simple and fast. The whole process is digital and the brand intends to grant a credit almost immediately. Thus, you can have credit up to € 5,000 with a very low level of commissions.


Why is analyzing so fast?

What is Possible to Do in Credit Renegotiation?

BBZ Bank (the institution that owns the PSX brand) has focused its strategy on using the latest financial technologies in order to gain speed, while maintaining security, in the lending process. To do this, it uses an automatic system of data capture of its homebanking , the screen scapping system, made available by an international reference technology partner, Kontomatik .

How does the automatic data capture system or screen scrappinp of PSX Credit work?


In general, such a process involves:

  1. Provide access data to your homebanking ;
  2. The service accesses your homebanking as if it were you;
  3. Thus you have access to all the information that is available on that portal, namely your personal data, the value of your salary, payments and consumption habits, your assets and your credits.

As you may have noticed, there is always a very high risk when we give someone access to our bank details. Since then, this entity has access to a very extensive set of information that completely invades our privacy.

To fill these fears, in PSX, this concrete process guarantees:

  • The authorization to a unique consultation of its homebanking , during 1 second and without saving information of accesses;
  • Collect bank statement information automatically and only this information.

In this way, reading all the information that the brand needs to determine the credit profile of its potential customer, assumes an automatic character and becomes faster.


Why rely on this process?

credit loan

The whole process has the quality certification of a technological partner of reference, plus the trust in a solid financial institution. Something also important is the reliability of the information collected. Thus, it is guaranteed that the analysis of credit risk is efficient and effective which allows to increase the likelihood of correctness of the risk analysis. In practice, all parties involved come out to gain from a process of quality risk analysis.

How To Have A Cheaper Credit And How Is The Price Of Credits Determined?

Surely you have heard of expressions such as EURIBOR, Spread, Nominal Rate, but if you sound archaic Chinese, this article is for you, since it is important for us to know what these expressions mean and what their impact on your life is.

But first, something more familiar: how is the price of a beer determined?

It is possible that you like beer and you have never wondered how the price of a mini is determined. Yes? As with any business, the price is determined by the sum of:

  • Cost of production – Are fixed costs, are variable costs, are all costs that the company incurs to produce a bottle;
  • Profit Margin – Those who sell beer are not the Santa Casa and need to make a profit, which they can use to remunerate their shareholders and to invest in their business.


So how is the price of your credit determined?

financial loan

  • Beer – Credit
  • Euros – interest rates
  • Production cost – EURIBOR
  • Profit Margin – spread


If in the case of beer we speak of Euros, in the case of credit we speak of interest rates . In practice, the cost of production in the bank is the EURIBOR (how much the bank used to borrow money) and the profit margin is the spread, which varies according to the risk of the operation. Risky credits justify higher rates . Loans with more collateral will be cheaper . Risk and return always go hand in hand.


And where does APR come in?

financial loan

TAN = EURIBOR + Spread

The interest rate on your credit is the sum of EURIBOR and Spread. When you take out a loan you should pay attention to:

  • The interest rate;
  • The APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate).

The latter is the rate that includes all costs, charges and commissions that are associated with a loan . For example, in the case of a housing loan you will have the usual commissions, insurance and any products you can hire to lower your spread. This is the rate you can and should use to compare different alternatives because in many cases “cheap is expensive”.


How to have a cheaper credit?

financial loan

To have the cheapest credit you should choose the alternative with the lowest APR . To do this, you should:

  1. Negotiate your spread, offering guarantees
  2. Weigh well the products to be contracted and their impact on the value of the final installment.

Now that you have all this information and wisdom is your best partner in saving, be sure to simulate your multi-purpose personal credit provision on ACG Bank.

How is the price of a product quoted?

Have you ever found absurd the “abusive” price of that piece of clothing, and told yourself in advance that the store owner is profiting from the horrors of clothing sales. But is your intuition correct?

How is the price of a product defined?

How is the price of a product defined?

It may even seem like the prices stipulated by a store are unfair and we are literally being “stolen,” however, we must take into account the expenses paid by the store owner that we can not even imagine. Factors such as inflation and seasonality greatly influence final prices.

So here we are going to address a means of calculating how much a product will charge for, taking into account only the costs and the profit margin.

The owner of the store, besides paying the direct cost of the purchase, also has to pay for the indirect costs of the trade, they are:

– Rental of the store;

– Electricity and water;

– Commission to sellers;

– Taxes on the sale of goods;

– Rates of credit card machines;

– Freights;

– Eventual losses (checks without funds or theft, for example), etc.

But the expenses do not end there

But the expenses do not end there

While there are products that bring profits to the shopkeeper, others get “micados”, that is, stopped in the store, then, the owner ends up “profiting” equivalent to the amount that loses.

On commemorative dates, a market study is usually carried out to understand how much sales will rise and based on this to assemble the stock. In this example, if the store is too stocky and does not sell, it has a lot of losses, however, if you stockpile less, in addition to not taking advantage of the opportunity to profit, it will lose customers through negligence. It may not seem like it, but a percentage of these costs goes into the price set on the garment.

In addition, the marketer needs to calculate the profit margin of a product, key step to “make the business spin”, however any mistaken analysis can take your business down. A very high profit will make the competition more attractive to the consumer, so the alternative for the shopkeeper is to take a peek at the prices of neighboring commerce and apply values ​​close to his.

Did you spend too much and get into debt? Financial Group can help you. Ask for your personal loan online, we guarantee security, speed and ease. Financial Group, you far from red.