Credit: How to Convince the Bank to Approve My Credit

If you have recently looked for a credit you will probably have found that it is not a quick or immediate process. Although banks are more generous in the supply of credit, it is a potentially time-consuming process. In this article we will introduce you 5 tips to increase the likelihood of your bank approving […]

TAN Calculation: The Interest Rate On The Mortgage Or Loan

The calculation of the TAN consists of applying the interest rate to any financing, from personal loans to mortgages. One of the traits that almost all loans have in common (with the exception of non-interest bearing loans) is the request for payment of an interest rate, expressed as a percentage of the capital disbursed by […]

How To Have A Cheaper Credit And How Is The Price Of Credits Determined?

Surely you have heard of expressions such as EURIBOR, Spread, Nominal Rate, but if you sound archaic Chinese, this article is for you, since it is important for us to know what these expressions mean and what their impact on your life is. But first, something more familiar: how is the price of a beer […]