3 Rules For Using A Credit Card

In this video from credit experts we will introduce you to three rules for a correct use of credit card. A credit card can be a very good tool for managing your personal finances. However, it carries with it risks that need to be safeguarded.



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Welcome to the 2 minutes bank. In this video we will address the credit cards. We consider that, for a correct use of the credit card, there are 3 fundamental rules, namely:

  • Rule no. 1 – 25 euros;
  • Rule # 2 – No;
  • Rule # 3 – Never


1 – 25 euros

Regarding rule # 1, we consider the value of 25 euros acts as mediator of the credit card, it will tell you when you can and can not use your credit card. Therefore, we defend that for a value higher than 25 euros, you can use the credit card and for a value less than 25 euros, always pay money.


We suggest that you should not use your credit card to pay for the basics, or for day-to-day transactions. That way you will not risk losing control of your credit card.


Not cash-advance.

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Cash-advance are cash withdrawals which generally have two associated commissions, one fixed and one variable. The fixed commission is charged for the transaction and generally assumes a value of 2 to 10 euros. The variable commission is based on the value of the survey and can vary between 3 and 7% or more.


No to annuities and commissions.

The offer of credit cards in the market is immense, so there is no need to support annuities. Also avoid any act that allows you to charge a commission, such as losing your credit card.


No to late payments

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Whenever you receive your credit card invoice make your payment within the deadline, so it will not bear charges for late payment.

Never make the minimum payment of the credit card bill, it will bear interest that will weigh in your wallet.

An example:

For a debt of 1,000 euros, minimum mandatory payment of 10 euros, minimum percentage of 5% and 17% interest rate will support 335 euros of interest and will need 70 months to pay your debt.

Have a smart use of your credit card and avoid the minimum payment.