Personal payday credit is a typical personal credit. It can be used without having to justify its purpose. The main characteristics of this loan are:

  • APR – Between 14.7% and 15.9%, being possible to have a fixed or variable rate
  • Funding up to € 75,000
  • Term up to 96 months

Note that the APR includes some costs that are common only in the case of traditional banking. Note that these costs only happen in case of financing (some banks charge the dossier cost to make the evaluation, which is not refunded in case of non-financing):

  • Dossier Commission;
  • Service Processing Commission;
  • Life Insurance and Credit Protection Insurance;


100% financed insurance value

100% financed insurance value

Another important point is that the value of the insurance is 100% financed, together with the credit, and the customer pays insurance premiums together with the credit. This point is not positive as it increases the value of the financing and the amount of interest borne by the contract.

Comparing Personal payday credit to personal credit, for example, we see that the value of the APR (the value that matters when we analyze all the costs associated with a loan) is quite similar, and in some cases Personal payday credit Z Credit has lower interest rates. The only difference to note is the maximum amount that in the case of PPB’s credit may reach € 75,000.


What is the Best Personal Payday Loan on the Market?

What is the Best Personal Loan on the Market?

There is a specific credit typology for each specific case. As each case is a case, we should make an in-depth analysis to see which benefit is most appropriate for you. This calculation will be made taking into account the amount sought, the interest rate, the term … and all these variables should be taken into account in your family budget. In this way, we always suggest that you simulate your credit supply in order to see if your family budget involves the benefit. Do you want to try it?

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